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I bought a gallon of white paint. The clerk in paint dept offered to mix the paint on her machine.

After three minutes I picked up the paint, paid and left. I put the paint on the floor in the backseat of my car. when I arrived home I fond the paint had tipped over, the lid came off and I had a gallon of paint spilled in my car. I immediately went back and the lady at customer service said she had seen this happen before and the lady from the paint dept said sometimes the shaking of the can in the mixer can make the lid come off.

I asked to speak to the manager and was told there was no manager available to speak to me. They gave me another gallon of paint and when I asked about my car I was told to keep the effected areas wet and scrub as best I could. It was -16C outside and I asked how was I supposed to keep it wet and get it clean. No answer was given.

The inside is stained so badly it cannot be repaired(cleaned). Quote for replacement of effected parts is $`10,500.00 And, no one from management will speak to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paint.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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There is truly not much that will or can be done. Once the product leaves the building and is paid for, it is now your product.

On the back to the receipt it does talk about Lowes no be responsible for loading and damages to your property from product during transport.

Sorry. Check the paint next time boss!


*** Seriously. Do you not know how dumb you are?


"uh, i bought a gun and shot myself in the face with it and now they won't give me anything for my doctor bills." Kind of like that.


I don't see how it's their fault that you braked hard or took a corner fast enough to tip the can of paint over and knock the lid off. If the lid was loose when you picked up the paint after mixing you would have noticed.

It's pretty obvious whether a can is properly sealed or not. As someone else mentioned, contact your insurance company and file a comprehensive claim.


See if your car insurance will cover the damage under the comprehensive insurance coverage you should have----we hope you have it, anyway. As for the loose cover, now you understand why it is imperative you verify, verify the lid is secure before you take the can from the paint counter.

I always find the hammer they use to tap it down with and tap it down again myself.

You must realize the employee who mixed the paint for you is working at Lowe's mixing paint for a reason, none of which involves much common sense. They should have verified the lid was secure before giving you the can, but that takes, well---common sense.