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I Leave in Hamilton, Canada that use the Metric System.

I went to the Hamilton store on Nov.06 - 2010 around 11:30AM to by some blinds.

All the measurements were Metric(cm).

I ask the lady if they have the sizes i want.

The answer was:

Sorry sir i don't know those measurements, go home and measure in inches.

I turn around and went to home depot i made the same question and i got the answer.

Easy, But not for the Lowe's employee at Hamilton, On.

I think Loews should educate there employees.

Canada is a Metric not Imperial.

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Mr.or Miss. C needs to go to school to learn how to count.

Lowe's shouldn't hire that type of people.

Remember Mr. or Miss C I'm not the only one,

Somme Presidents do to.

What a beautiful world!.......


Given the punctuation and spelling errors in your complaint, education in Canada needs to extend beyond the metric system. Why is it Lowes fault that Canada residents, working in Canada stores, don't know their own metric system?

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