Just bought an air conditioner at Lowe's Canada. They price matched it to the same model on Amazon.

When I got it, it was a different model. I never thought to check because Lowe's Canada only offers one 8000 BTU air conditioner - I saw the name Frigidaire and 8000 BTU and thought I was good. Got it home, and it didn't fit my window. So, it seems the model they advertise is discontinued and is replaced by another model that is a totally different dimension.

If I had known that, I would have bought it on Amazon. I have been chasing Lowe's for 2 days without resolve, and have been desperately trying to find this air conditioner, but can't find it anywhere, and the Amazon deal is gone. I am out $50 for a taxi and plexiglass I got cut to size based on the dimensions of the model they advertise. They will be picking it up and refunding my money, but no compensation for the time, frustration or money I have spent.

Nice to cheat one woman on disability out of $50 because of your mistake. Thanks so much.

Review about: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh god cry me a river. It is your due diligence to measure your window and purchase a air conditioner that fits it.

Period. You said it yourself “I never thought to check.” Yet, it is Lowe’s fault. Lowe’s should reimburse YOU for the time YOU spent in a taxi because YOU did not do you due diligence as a consumer. Let me guess, the customer service reps, they should have known what size your window was.

Give me a break.

Then they are nice enough to come pick it up, which I’ve never seen done for a window air conditioner...(I bet you were a huge pain in the *** and you have the NERVE to still be *** Get over yourself & take the disibility card somewhere else, everyone is on some sort of “disibility” nowadays. You’re lucky you didn’t deal w me.

to PotableSawfish #1486818

What???? I did indeed measure my window, and the one air conditioner they advertised, that I purchased, fit my window.

When I called the morning before I picked it up, I asked to make sure they had the model FFRE0833S1, and they said they did. So, when I actually picked it up, I saw "Frigidaire" and 8000 btu, and yes, assumed it was the right model, because, as per their website, they only sell one, and was told when I ordered it through customer service that they only carry one - I even rechecked the specifications with Frigidaire Canada.

They have admitted they have made a mistake, and they should have changed the model and the specs on their site.As far as dealing with you, I WILL BE HAPPY TO! Feel free to post your name and the store you work at, and I will be thrilled to come to visit you and absolutely forward your comments to management!

to Anonymous #1523161

Wow for a disabled woman you're willing to travel wherever? How about travel to the store yourself and get a different one?

to PotableSawfish #1528999

Good customer service???? Lowes Dose not go the extra mile, of course, that's not their job!

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